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Scientific studies

Reconnective Healing™ believed to activate the comprehensive spectrum of frequencies

In November 2010 a "Reconnective Healing - European Mastery Conference" was held in Italy. It showcased some of the latest science in Reconnective Healing. Among other things, GDV of a cancer patient before and after Reconnective Healing showed there was a very clear difference. Before the healing session, there were "gaps" in the energy field around the person and after it was perfect.

This new paradigm has caught the attention of doctors and medical researchers at hospitals and universities worldwide. These researchers are excited about the way Reconnective Healing proves to be unique.

By EEG and ECG scans they found that the brain and heart activity changes significantly during a Reconnective Healing session.

An experiment was carried out about the electromagnetic field around the hands of people before and after they participated in the seminar. This experiment shows a dramatic increase in electromagnetic energy in the healer's hands. Further research of this shows that this high level causes the transition from a state of imbalance to a state of equilibrium or illness to health.

Laboratory studies have shown that Reconnective Healing has influenced changes in DNA. Dr. William Tiller has made studies of the energy in seminars with Reconnective Healing. These showed that the energy increased to a level corresponding to a temperature rise above 300 degrees, although the room temperature increased only slightly. The surveys can be found at www.tiller.org.

The following photos are by Eric Pearls hand and illustrates the difference between a none healing situation, and a healing situation.

Prior to healing

Healing mode

Kirlian photographs of Eric's right hand taken by a medical research team.