Søs Hald

"Dear Mette! For the last 2 weeks my arm/shoulder has hurt day and night - then I received distant healing from you yesterday. I rested half an hour after and felt really good, rested and functioning!

No pain AT ALL!

I went to the field and harvested fresh carrots for two hours, what a joy. Then I went ice skating for the first time in my life, for 2½ hours and it was so daring and fun! Today I'm working and just doing fine!

What a great difference in my body and in my Life. You're the best. Thank you! P.S.: And you are right. The next time I will NOT WAIT, but call you right away - how silly it is to wait! Thank you!"

Three days later

"Arm and shoulder still perfectly in shape! I KNOW and can fysically see, that it really works, every day - so concrete and still such a great little miracle and I feel gratitude every day. Next time I will remember to contact you right away instead of waiting for it to get better .. laughing and smiling at myself, why wait for the healing."

Rikke Wittrup

"After prolonged curiosity, I was ready to receive a healing hour by Maddie Storm. After a short conversation, I lay down on the couch, closed my eyes and I felt instantly relaxed. At first I felt that the body was quite heavy and it was like chained to the couch. It was as if the couch / body was poured a little on the side – shortly it felt as if I had to hold on to the couch to stay on it, but soon I was completely relaxed again.

Suddenly a feeling of joy spread throughout the body - a wonderful feeling and my left eye started watering like when I meditate deeply. Then some different jerks occurred in my body, at the same time some tension on the left side of the body behind the shoulder blade and in front of the ribs let go - it felt like small explosions in the middle of the upper back, through the stomach and out through the left side.

Afterwards it felt like that Mette stretched her hands into my body and took hold of my left lung - I've been plagued by a little cough this winter, due to tension in the upper back, which have caused some blockages around the lung - so it was as a pure liberation when she touched one lung – it felt as if it was lifted clear - amazing.

Slowly it was like a cool fresh mountain air spread across my face and feet - my sense of smell was sharpened and the feeling of standing on the top of a snowy mountain came to me - truly a wonderful experience - indeed the whole treatment, has just made me want to experience it again. The rest of the day, things were going on in my body mostly as heat and a feeling of tiredness - no discomfort - but very thirsty and pee needy."

Second treatment

About a week later: "As at the first healing, my body was immediately chained to the bed stronger than the first time and it felt again as if my body poured a little on the side and back again. A lot of little bumps and stream-like sensations spread to both legs and suddenly the powerful sensory experience of cool, fresh mountain air came again - this time it was sensory experience just louder and tears streamed out of the left eye.

I felt completely liberated from the body, which was chained to the couch and I felt that my body was just a shell and I could move around freely inside in. Happiness was overwhelming and gave me a clear picture on my quest for a place to live in the mountains with tranquillity, nature and fresh air, my deepest soul's call and desire - and I was very aware that I'm on the right track. There was also this time some reactions from the back and left side - though not quite as strong as the first time.

Conclusion — Multiple treatments/experiences are required - subject to be addicted. Maddie Storm is a very warm, heart giving, sincere, natural and very gifted person and healer. I am looking forward to more treatments. I sincerely recommend Mette - healing is one of the things the body needs so that we can face the future and its great challenges in the best possible way and be prepared for it. I am deeply grateful for the amazing experiences I have had and will have in the future."

Dorte Thrane

Dorte Thrane had a distant healing: "First I experienced a feeling of great gratitude and was very touched, and then I felt a nice warm and enveloping sense of security. Physically, I first felt chill of around my hands, and secondly, they were as hot as two stoves.

It was quite obvious to me that I was led deeper and deeper into a state where I got messages from the spiritual, it was important messages which to this day, support me and give me strength.

After your distant healing, I felt "lighter" and in a uplifted mood. It was pure love for me and gave me peace of mind. In the following days, my body reacted with a strong cleansing in the form of fever and flu-like symptoms."

Jutta Jespersen

"I had a severe pain in my back and could not sleep. After a short time of Mette’s healing, it seemed that something loosened up. During the day the pain disappeared completely and I could sleep the whole night through."